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IThe Suzuki method was developed in Japan by Shinichi Suzuki to teach children to play the violin and other instruments starting at a very young age. The method is now popular throughout the world, and is used for teaching adults as well as children.

Dr. Suzuki patterned the method after the way that young children learn language by listening and imitation. Just as a child immersed in the German language will learn to speak German, a child who is immersed in a rich musical environment will learn music.

Children listen to CDs daily, learn by imitating the teacher at private lessons, and then practice small steps at home with the parent acting as home coach. Amazing things happen!

Foundations of the Suzuki Method

  • Daily listening of the current Suzuki CD plus supplemental listening to classical radio, classical recordings, future Suzuki CDs.
  • Private lessons with a trained Suzuki teacher.
  • The parent acts as the home teacher and provides a positive, supportive environment. Daily practice to follow through on lesson points with the guidance of a parent. A young child cannot be expected to do this on his or her own.
  • Group lessons to play pieces together with accompaniment.
  • Review is emphasized. Pieces start to sound really musical!
  • Performance opportunities are emphasized

There is a lot of good information about the Suzuki method on the Internet so I won’t duplicate it here, but please take a look at these links to familiarize yourself with the method.

Suzuki Association of the Americas home page

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The International Suzuki Association's method description

I also recommend the following books, available through your local library or online:

Ability Development from Age Zero by Shinichi Suzuki and Mary Louise Nagata

Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki