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I teach a combination of Suzuki Violin and Fiddle private lessons in my studio. I find that the Suzuki method is amazingly well thought out and successful for teaching good technique and musicianship. Each piece leads to new skills, building on previous pieces. The method is modeled after learning language, and is based on listening and imitation, initially. This approach brings forth the development of good technique, good rhythm and musical playing since students can concentrate on how the music sounds rather than the notes on the page. Students learn to be excellent at playing by ear. Simultaneously, I work on music reading away from the violin, and then bring together music reading and playing once technique is established. Students get lots of practice at music reading by learning fiddle tunes, Christmas music, etc., from sheet music.

Monthly group lessons in addition to private lessons give students the opportunity to play with others, a completely different experience from playing at home alone. Students learn music theory, to play with piano accompaniment, to stay in rhythm, and to play solos for others. With lots of experience reviewing learned repertoire, students start to sound smooth and polished.

Playing fiddle tunes is a fun addition to playing classical music. My husband, Charlie Hall, often will accompany my students on guitar, bouzouki or mandolin, and they love it!

I hold 2 studio recitals per year, generally held at churches, plus some fiddle performances at various venues including the Black Rose where they play with microphones and stage lights in front of an enthusiastic audience. My studio also participates in several Pikes Peak Suzuki Music Association recitals.

For young children, especially ages 4 through 10, the active participation of a parent is critical to the success of the Suzuki method. The parent acts as the home teacher and is equally as important as the teacher and the student. I teach the parent the basics of playing the violin so that they can be effective as the home coach. The parent is responsible for the home listening, and for establishing a daily practice routine for child and parent.  Older children can begin to take on more responsibility for practicing independently as they enter the middle school years.

For kids, tuition includes 3 private lessons and 1 group lesson per month. Group lessons are held on Saturdays. Private lessons start at hour and advance to 45 minutes as students get older. Please call me for pricing and studio policy information. 

Most of my adult students take 45 minute private lessons with no group lessons. I have some students who focus on fiddle music, and others who enjoy a combination of classical and fiddle styles. Some choose to participate in recitals and occasional jam sessions.