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Here's some stuff to download.   If you click on the link, it'll usually just open the file in your browser, which may or may not be what you want it to do. 

If you want to save a copy on your computer, right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..." (if you're using Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (if you're using Google Chrome) and download it to your computer.

Dave Firestine's Carpilation (PDF)

Larry Goodin's Radio Oldies Compilation (PDF)

Steve Adams' Rockabilly Songbook (PDF)

Paul McCann's swing compilation (PDF)

Gospel jam compilation (PDF)

Fiddle tune jam compilation (notation) (PDF)

Fiddle tune jam compilation (recordings); this isn't all the recordings; it's some of them.  It's a ZIP file containing a bunch of MP3 files.  You'll need to copy the ZIP file onto your computer and extract the MP3s (into a separate folder would be a good idea).

Or, if you want to play the individual recordings just by clicking on them here, you can do it:

Colorado Roots Music Camp                  Marianne's studio