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Acoustic music in the pikes peak region


  Thanks for coming here to my and Marianne's site.  I'm sorry to tell you I'm retired from teaching, but I'm very happy to tell you about three of my favorite musicians who are teaching these days and making a big difference, in alphabetical order:

Adam Gardino ( is a former student of mine who has gone leaps and bounds beyond what we worked on.  Among other things, he won the 2012 International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship.  Heís currently lead guitarist for the Flying W Wranglers, and a great guy to be around.  Heís very positive and conscientious, and cares very much about his students.  He also has the advantage of youth, which just bugs the hell outa me.

Lewis Mock ( is a fine musician on guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and even Dobro.  He fronts La Taverne Band at the Broadmoor, and has been an extremely popular teacher at the Colorado Roots Music Camp for some years (he'll be teaching there this June; see Heís a former Flying W Wrangler and taught at the Colorado Springs Conservatory for 10 years.  As with Phil and Adam, it doesnít get more positive than Lewis.

Phil Volan ( is a mentor of mine.  He earned Second Place in the 2002 National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship (same one as Adam, except that in 2002 it wasn't named "International").  He was, at least twice, named Best Musician of the Pikes Peak Region back in the 1990s, and, like Adam and Lewis, is a very positive guy.  He himself is primarily a fingerstyle player, but he can come across as if heís using a flat pick, and teach it as well.  Truly amazing.  Iíve seen him take at least one person who had never played before, and in some years, sheís playing gigs.  I canít guarantee youíll do that, but heíll work with you at your level and raise it. 

Put simply, Iím a huge admirer of all three of these guys, and heartily recommend all of them.  That said, one might have an area of expertise that you're less or more interested in.  They won't have their feelings hurt if you try things out with them and see where it goes before settling into a long-term routine.


Colorado Roots Music Camp - Marianne and I aren't running it any more, but we can't wait for it!